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Bus Booking System

Design Driven Mobile & Cloud Software Lead Engineering System.

custom Taxi reservation system ERP development.  We helps taxi company to maximize car rental business more just using Online taxi platform. In our Taxi ERP, Taxi company make all user cloud access of database for inventory of cab availability, Duty dispatch, Booking of cabs, Billing and notify customers just in few clicks.

In our ERP, taxi or cab management done in single panel and you can ask vendors to download your taxi management app for vendors. Vendors can manage fleets, drivers, duties and also bid on bookings for better business grows. Driver have also duty management app. where drivers can mange duty and google navigation for help to reach traveler location easily. Company owner also track drivers using admin panel with live location of drivers.


Simplified Bus Ticketing Booking Online System

  • 1.Convenience booking –
  • The most important benefit of an online booking solution is that there will be no wastage of time standing in a queue waiting for your response, not to panic about the inquiry of your detail. instead, your customer will be assigned the dates to require for the booking and if no booking is possible on the scheduled date. the date will be locked and try to shift booking on the other day.
  • Payments – Paypal is the most secure way of payment, this is the most common way of payment used frequently which means customers' security and privacy are valued you have the assurance that you receive online payment directly from the customer with the trust factor.
  • Vouchers – Vouchers are extremely important for the business. so that the customer has a reference to other customers for having an online bus booking with the special offers available, which is the best marketing tool for your business .voucher should be such that the customer is able to redeem it efficiently during online booking.
  • Smart Calender – All the required information related to a booking or all the summary of booking regarding dates, capacity, and turnover are mentioned in a smart diary to avoid any confusion related to unnecessary work. 5.Booking with smart mobile – People with all the other work would not be able to sit with the PC all day but to run the business at their fingertips via a smartphone or tablet. which is the reason to run online booking on clouds with automatic updates and maintenance.
  • 6. Support – while using the software you need help from the developers, a detailed help to find the solution to solve the problem connected with booking and all the necessary details .you should able to connect with the developer online and by telephone to solve the functioning of the software. Manage drivers

Key Features

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Comprehensive and Well-Documented APIs for Integration
On-Board Registration
Passenger Information in Real-Time
Booking a taxi
Taxi Driver Application
Easy Reservations
Online Seat Selection
Booking Report Detail
Tracking Solutions
Ticket cancellation
Advanced Reports
Advanced Reports





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